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Media Print Solutions offers Valassis Inserts into the Redplum Wrap at a discounted rate for our clients. We also offer direct mail services and we are affiliated with a print company based out of California. Some of our products include: Snap Pack Mailers, letter and envelope mailers, flyer inserts, postcards, and custom direct mail pieces.



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Planning Your

Print  And Deliver

Direct Mail Marketing

It's one of the most important things we can do, but it's also the most time consuming. Here at Media Print Solutions we'll help you place all your print media buys with a one stop shop. Simple, effective, AND at

the right price!

Meet our Creative Team Experts..

Direct Mail

​Direct mail is still strong and when used correctly brings solid returns.

Other sources

​Newspapers are lagging, but some trendy sources are raging.

Valassis- Print and Deliver

 Hands down, Valassis shared mail and Red Plum Wrap are the front runners.Valassis distributes to almost every home in America and at a rate that can't be beat!

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 Shared VS Direct Mail

Do you spend more time planning your marketing then you spend with your family? we are here to save you your sanity!


Let's be realistic here. Planning your marketing is taking valuable time that you could be spending on your business development or your family. We are here to assist you with your print marketing direct mail and are experts at finding the right vendor source and the right product for your marketing budget, Most of all, we will simplify your marketing plan and put you at ease knowing that your art is designed, your deadlines are met, and your advertising goes out without a hitch!  Your future business depends on advertising, so let the expert Senior Project Managers at Media Print Solutions plan your print marketing for you.

We have a combined 40 years of experience with so many print venders that we cannot count them all.

So let us get the headache worrying about deadlines while you sit back and do what you do best, plan your business, train your employees, or take a well needed vacation! We're on your TEAM and you can count on us to plan your marketing to bring you the return on your investment you have dreamed about.

Your Print  and Delivery Marketing Strategy